Risk Management

There is a great deal of misunderstanding of and misinformation about risk management. It is seen by many as a bureaucratic overhead, by others as an excuse for stifling initiative, creativity and innovation. In reality, it is neither of these things. It is a central and natural part of sound governance and good management, something that should enable the achievement of objectives and the realisation of beneficial outcomes.

Amberwing's training focuses upon the positive. It offers instruction at various levels, from introductory overviews to specialist courses and master-classes. It covers the processes, tools and techniques of risk management, while stressing the need for these to be implemented in a practical and proportionate manner. Consultancy options include assistance with the development of an Enterprise Risk Management Framework and the component policies and processes. It also extends to audits/reviews of risk registers, advice on specialist tools and guidance on effective implementation and embedment of required risk management practices.

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