Amberwing Clients


The following is a list of just some of the clients with who we have worked over the last few years.


Isle of Man Government
Design and facilitation of corporate governance training for over 500 managers and senior officers from across all government departments and trading boards. Delivery of risk management courses for pan-government delegate groups. Design and delivery of change management training for the General Registry. Design and delivery of Programme and Project Management training for the Department of Trade & Industry.


Fife Constabulary
Delivery of a risk management workshop for senior officers, aimed at providing a sound understanding of the risk management process and enabling the creation of a corporate risk register.


Chaucer Syndicates
Delivery of project management training and specialised courses on MS Project.


Design and development of a corporate risk management framework, based mostly upon Best Practice, but tailored to suit the specific needs of the organisation. Facilitation of workshops to introduce managers to the framework and explain their roles and responsibilities.


University of Edinburgh
Review of project management processes in Information Services Applications Division, focusing particularly on communication, the relationship between project managers and project sponsors, and the management of the overall project portfolio. Creation of a report with findings and recommendations subsequently used as an action plan by the Head of Project Services. IS Applications Division publish project related information on their web site at .


Bedfordshire & Luton Mental Heath & Social Care Partnership NHS Trust
Design and delivery of risk management training, covering the basic process, implementation and benefits. Facilitation of a workshop day for staff looking at new ways of working.


Mid Kent College
Design and delivery management training, covering programmes and projects, aimed at enabling the development and implementation of a practical framework for managing change across the college.


MS Trust
Delivery of project management courses for staff involved in a range of project types.


Stourbridge College
Delivery of a risk management workshop for senior managers and heads of school. Design and facilitation of a change management workshop, focusing particularly upon changing attitudes and behaviours.


Presentation of lectures on risk management to various local/regional groups, providing general awareness of the subject and contributing towards CPD.


Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Delivery of risk management training, including an awareness session for the Trust's executive and non-executive board members.


Amberwing has also worked with numerous other clients, including:
- - cultural change support for a London borough
- - project risk training for a university hospital
- - risk management support for a national utlitiy supplier
- - project management training for a major UK university
- - risk management training for a fire and rescue service


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