Project Management

Projects are the most widely used vehicles for managing change. They serve to realise benefits by delivering pre-defined products and outcomes. To accomplish this, they are structured in such a way that they are distinct from normal day-to-day activities and are planned and managed using a specialised set of disciplines.

Amberwing provides training and consultancy in all aspects of project management, including:

  • project organisation
  • project sponsorship
  • the business case
  • project start-up and initiation
  • project definition
  • the principles of planning
  • project control
  • quality management
  • risk and issue Management
  • change management
  • project closure
  • post-implementation review
  • soft skills for project managers

Amberwing’s approaches are geared to achieving on-time, on-budget delivery. They are underpinned by proven techniques and prevailing best practice, coupled with many years’ practical experience in the direction, management and control of projects across a wide variety of business sectors.

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