January 2013

Amberwing is pleased to announce that it is continuing its schedule of governance and risk management related one-day workshops, which are being held throughout the UK and Ireland. These include our ever popular Risk Management Healthcheck & Register Workshop, our NHS specific Board Assurance Framework Workshop and our Strategy, Planning, Risk & Opportunity Workshop. We are also offering further workshops on Achieving Effective Cultural Change, which proved to be of particular interest in 2012, with so many organisations recognising the need to “take the people with you” when transforming the way they operate.

As ever, these workshops are highly practical, with considerable delegate interaction and participation, and are economically priced.

In addition to these one-day events, we have scheduled two-day Project Management Professional courses in both the Isle of Man and Jersey. These have previously garnered substantial praise for their content and approach and are again priced to make them accessible to all.


We have also now scheduled a Risk Management Healthcheck & Register Workshop to take place in Malta on April 15th 2013. Look out too for events later in the year in North America.

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